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The Watch Room


The Watch Room founder has long held a passion for watches and motorsport, which often go hand-in-hand and has been buying and selling luxury watches for over 30 years.  Until launching The Watch Room this has always been for his own personal collection, or sourcing watches for friends and family. Having spent the past 27 years working for global companies, he has travelled and worked all over the world. In doing so he has built up an extensive network of contacts in the watch industry, which has created an expansive sourcing network for The Watch Room.

​Every watch we take into stock is checked by our master watchmaker for authenticity and function.  You can rest assured that you are buying a high-quality genuine timepiece every time you shop with The Watch Room.  Our 12-month guarantee stands behind this.


Whether you are looking to buy your very first luxury watch or for something special to add to your collection, the watch itself is only part of the story.  You need to fully trust the watch seller, the authenticity of the watch, and also enjoy the purchasing experience. 

Many pre-owned luxury watch sellers are only about the transaction - getting as high a price as possible and then moving on to the next sale.  At The Watch Room, we value customer experience over everything.  We don't just want to sell you an exquisite luxury new or pre-owned watch, we want to build a relationship with you for many years to come. 

When you feel you are not wearing your luxury watch as often as you once did, sell it back to us or exchange it for another model.


There are many places you can find luxury watches for sale, and whilst you may get the watch you are looking for, the buying experience and price you pay are often disappointing.  At The Watch Room, we are all about personal service and good value.

​Many watch sellers claim to offer good prices but do they really?  Or, do they just follow the market and sell each watch for as high a price as the market will sustain. Sure, that's standard business economics but it doesn't have to be that way. 

At The Watch Room, we appreciate that buying a luxury timepiece can be a considerable outlay and we want to build a relationship with you that will last for years to come.  This starts with offering outstanding timepieces and selling them to you at a price that is genuinely lower than typically found in the market.  Try us and you will see.  This is what we do.


The Watch Room

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