Tempo S.r.l.
Via torrearsa, 18
TEL. 091 325263
FAX. 091 336657

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“Passione Vintage” and "Passione del Tempo" were founded in 2004, with a great experience about watches and jewelry after 20 years of hard work. Our idea aims on trying to have a cosy and reserved area for our clients. in a few years we selected our clients who love to make business with professionalism, growing common interest for the best jewels and the most wanted watches. "Passione del Tempo" is the store with the official dealers selling, "Passione Vintage" is specialized on the vintage and on the garanteed used watches.

Our main store is situated on the center of Palermo, with six shopwindows in Via Torrearsa, on the luxury block next to Hermes, Cartier and Louis Vuitton.
Passione del Tempo with its inner lab and our experienced technical give support to the clients.
Our service center is authorized: Omega, Longines Tag Heuer and Hamilton and we receive all the original pieces from: Rolex, Zenith, Hublot, Corum, Eberhard & Co, U-Boat and Paul Picot.

Orari di Apertura e Informazioni Varie
- Lunedì dalle 16:00 alle 20:00
- dal Martedì al Sabato dalle 9:00 alle 13:00 e dalle 16:00 alle 20:00


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