Pope & Co Dw Limited

Our knowledgeable team is well-versed in every facet of the business, from developing our own private collections and locating rare pieces to handling all facets of simple and intricate clock maintenance and care.

Pope & Co customers range from the inquisitive who want to begin exploring the world of watches with a small budget to celebrated, high-end, prominent people in sport, business, and culture who are ready to tap into the full potential of the industry.

From purchasing and selling to maintenance, reselling, and sourcing, we offer a broad range of services to meet your precise needs.

Customers select Pope & Co because of the completely taylor made service we offer, the fact that we actively work to deliver the finest outcomes in the sector, and the relationships we actively foster.


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Pope & Co Dw Limited

24 Greville Street
London, EC1N 8SS

тел.: +447873151888
Факс: 02038712892
Моб.: +44 7873151888