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Our company presents a commission shop selling new, never used watches as a priority.

In case we offer any used items, each of them is surely provided with all the necessary papers as well as goes along with the preliminary service support.

All offered units are in stock, fully efficient and keep the sovereign outward.

All products are covered either by the manufacturer's warranty or ours, what we always mention in our selling offers as well as enclose the appropriate documents in each package.

Shipment is carried out of Russia. We cooperate with the variety of logistics companies that are available as per your request.

Our managers are always ready to help with making a proper choice, offering the best way of payment and delivery, and would provide you with all the necessary and full information about the items. 

We choose to stand for reasonable flexibility and are always tend to offer a good deal.

Once you might wish to provide your own watch for sale, please kindly note the following: we do not consider any kind of pledge, but are always opened for discussion of both purchasing or taking your item on commission at the most convenient terms.


We wish you a great deal!


TimeScope Team



17 office 847
121357 Moscow

Контактные данные
тел.: +7 9647163955
Факс: +74954781845
Моб.: +7 9647163955
эл. сообщение: info@time-scope.ru

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