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Tomini Trading LLC

At Tomini Classics, we specialise in post-war sportscars and modern flagships, with over 80 select examples in stock and a collective value over $23 million. Originally conceived as a private car collection, our inventory ranges from midcentury automotive legends to future classics of the early 1990's. In 2022, following our passion for timepieces, we decided to make watches and clocks part of our business model, featuring top-end Patek Philippes, racing timepieces, and everything in between.

Whether you are a passionate automotive enthusiast, an investor looking to diversify your portfolio or simply looking for a valuable family heirloom, Tomini Classics takes pride in collecting the best and finest the market has to offer, all under one roof.


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Tomini Trading LLC

Junction of Umm Suqeim Street and Al Asayel Street
Barsha 2
172700 Dubai

тел.: +971 4 306 2032