Vaessen Juweliers

Vaessen Juweliers was founded in 1900 just before the emergence of mining that would bring Heerlen to its great prosperity.
As the youngest son of an agricultural family, my great-grandfather became seriously ill at the age of 17. The doctor judged that he was not suitable for the hard work on the farm. So he had to look for other work. His parents had noticed that their son Stephaan had a good technical understanding and so it was decided that he would start a repair workshop for watches and gold and silversmithing in the upstairs room of the Vaessen Juweliers farm.
In 1915 he had a building built at number 7 Oranje Nassaustraat in Heerlen and opened his shop-cum-repair workshop there during the First World War.
In 1938 the company moved to its current building on the corner of Bongerd - Oranje Nassaustraat. My great grandfather had to gather all knowledge about timepieces, gold, silver and optics. At that time there were no courses and he had not been apprenticed to anyone. On the other hand, over the years he himself trained many in the profession.
His son Winand, my grandfather, was also personally initiated by him into the secrets of the trade. In addition, Winand qualified as a watchmaker and optician. From 1942 he worked in the business together with my great-grandfather.
My father followed the jeweler studies in Schoonhoven and joined the company of my grandfather and grandmother in 1972. Dealing with beautiful things fascinates him every day and gives him the satisfaction needed to be able to enthusiastically lead a modern company until 2017.
After completing my Technical Business Administration and watchmaker training, I myself am responsible for leading this wonderful family business from 2017. Together with my brother and sister, we are ready every day for our service and products to serve customers from all over the region and far beyond.

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Vaessen Juweliers

Oranje Nassaustraat 1
6411 LD Heerlen

тел.: [+31] 455712240
Факс: [+31] 455714503
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