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Rolex & Patek Philippe Vintage watches specialist based in Paris, France. We buy, sell and trade watches, based on their condition, quality and rarity.

We are proud of our watches which went through a severe selection process. This is why we buyback all the watches purchased from us after a face to face checking. This enables our customers to explore different and rich universes within our Rolex & Patek Philippe Vintage pieces and orient their collection in the best possible cost efficient manner.

We manage our collection like an investment. We expect the pieces we own to increase in value at a minimum pace of 10% per year on top of the exquisite pleasure of wearing them. Compared with other real asset markets the Vintage Watches market offers a huge catch-up potential. 

Guarantee: we guarantee the authenticity of our watches. We do not offer any guarantee on the movement accuracy, water-proof or any other mechanical guarantee as these are vintage watches.

Services: all our watches are available for handing-over and scrutiny by appointment in Paris or London. Our services also encompass checking, evaluating and advising on watches we specialize on.


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