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Choosing the Right Watch for Santa

Jorg Weppelink
Dec 06, 2018
With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to start making your Christmas list. If you have a watch on yours, let’s hope Santa is generous and will bring you that watch you've been dreaming of. Speaking of Santa: What watch would he want? Obviously, it'd need to be something that fits the jolly man’s style.

The Watches of Team Chrono24: Henry

Dec 04, 2018
When you work at Chrono24, the world's largest online marketplace for luxury watches, the topic of watches is unavoidable. This series will give our own watch lovers the chance to tell their stories. Some caught the watch bug after they began working at Chrono24, others had already lost their heart to the world of horology long before joining us.

Fine Things Take Time

Jonathan Arnold
Nov 29, 2018
We're producing and consuming things at such a rate that it’s almost impossible to truly enjoy them. This mentality has filtered down into almost every consumer-driven business. There are a few key exceptions, though. Some people and brands still strive to create truly beautiful products without worrying about how long it takes.

Editor’s Picks of the Week – Junghans, Grand Seiko and Cartier

Balazs Ferenczi
Nov 28, 2018
The authors of the Chrono24 Magazine hand-pick the best watch offers on Chrono24. Iconic timepieces from the history books of the watch industry are among the selection, just like affordable daily wearers and special watches for watch aficionados. We hope that everyone will find a timepiece that fits their style. This week’s offers: Junghans, Grand Seiko and Cartier

A Movie for Watch Fans: “First Man”

René Herold
Nov 27, 2018
Every watch enthusiast should be heading to the movie theater this weekend. Oscar award-winning director Damien Chazelle (Whiplash, La La Land) has taken the history of the first Moon landing and adapted it for the silver screen in First Man. As you might expect, the Omega Speedmaster also plays a major role!

10 Tips for Shopping on Black Friday: What You Should Pay Attention to When Buying Your Luxury Watch

Pascal Gehrlein
Nov 22, 2018
Most of the year, stores operate at a loss or "in the red." However, the day after Thanksgiving (and the entire Christmas-shopping season) is so profitable that the books go from red to black, hence Black Friday. Below, you'll find 10 tips to help you avoid the shopping madness that is Black Friday.

What is a tourbillon and how does it work?

Mathias Kunz
Nov 22, 2018
What is a tourbillon and how does it work? The tourbillon is small, delicate, and always on the move. So how does it work and who invented it? As in the other articles in this series, we'll be giving you a simple, uncomplicated answer to these questions.

A Memorable Weekend with Moritz Grossmann and Chrono24

Pascal Gehrlein
Nov 21, 2018
Glashütte – This small German town is to fans of mechanical timepieces as Hollywood is to autograph collectors. With a population of around 7,000, Glashütte is far from a metropolis; however, that's not what attracts people here. Instead, it's a passion for fine timepieces that brings visitors to this town tucked away in a valley in Germany's Ore Mountains.


Infographic: 2017 in Numbers

Oliver Siegle
Jan 12, 2018

Rolex Daytona vs. Omega Speedmaster vs. TAG Heuer Carrera

Christopher Beccan
May 27, 2016

Standard- vs. manufacture watch movements

Robert-Jan Broer
Oct 09, 2015

Top 10 Watches Under 3,000 Euro

Robert-Jan Broer
Sep 15, 2015

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New Rolex Models at Baselworld 2018

Jorg Weppelink
Mar 21, 2018

Rolex Daytona vs. Omega Speedmaster vs. TAG Heuer Carrera

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May 27, 2016

Top 10 Perpetual Calendars

Robert-Jan Broer
Feb 22, 2016
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