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Top 3 Watches to Wear in 2023 When Your Good Watches Stay at Home

By Hyla Bauer

Watch enthusiasts really love wearing their watches. Whether it’s a day at work or a Saturday night out, a watch buff will likely wear one of his or her “good” watches. If you’re into watches, having a nice watch on your wrist is a true pleasure. It can lift your mood and it just feels good.  

However, there are several reasons why a person may not want to wear their nice watch at a particular moment. For example, wearing a watch with a leather strap is not ideal during vigorous activity. Sweat and general wear and tear will accelerate the aging of a leather strap. It’s also not advisable to wear a good watch when traveling to areas with high levels of theft. A fancy watch will attract attention when you don’t want it. And maybe even though your watch is fully able to withstand the sun, sand, and water for a day on the beach, you might just not want to wear it while building sandcastles.   

For these reasons and more, there are times when a “good” watch isn’t a “good” fit. Below are three suggestions of watches to wear when the good one stays at home.  

1. G-Shock

As the Casio G-Shock’s name suggests, it’s made to withstand some pretty hard knocks – literally. G-Shock watches are built to last and tested to the limit of physical toughness. Back in the 1980s, Casio’s design director Kiku Ibe set out to make a watch that could withstand extreme conditions. His aim at first was to make a watch that would survive being dropped out of a window 10 meters off the ground. Well, G-Shocks have come a long way since then. The watches can withstand being run over by a truck, being hit with a hammer, and zapped with electrostatic energy. 

In addition to their incredible indestructibility, G-Shock watches are available in a wide range of functions, sizes, and colors. G-Shocks can measure temperature, atmospheric pressure, count steps and monitor heart rate. A G-Shock has been called a “hybrid smartwatch” with an emphasis on sports and fitness functions.   

Pros: G-Shocks are practically indestructible. They have great sports and fitness functions, are conveniently battery-powered, and some are solar-powered. There are practically limitless colors and sizes to choose from.  

Cons: G-Shocks are very large, up to 57.5mm across, with even the smallest models in the 43mm range. They can feel very clunky on the wrist. They’re not appropriate for a work setting, and usually can’t fit under a shirt cuff.  

A G-Shock is a fun and practically indestructible watch.
A G-Shock is a fun and practically indestructible watch.

2. Classic Swatch

Swatch watches have been around now for almost 50 years. The Swiss-made quartz timepieces are modern classics. They’re simple in design – in a good way. Swatches have reliable quartz movements and come in practically limitless colors and patterns.  Swatches are water-resistant. A solid color watch on a plastic strap is a great watch to wear when you’re looking to fly under the radar.   

Pros: Swatches are lightweight with easy-to-read dial and an ultra-simple design. They’re conveniently battery-powered and can be appropriate for work.  

Con: Swatches are not suitable for high impact sports.  

The MoonSwatch series made Swatch relevant in the watch industry.
The MoonSwatch series made Swatch relevant in the watch industry.

3. Seiko 5 Sports

The Seiko 5 Sports is the most versatile watch on this list. Its design is classic, and it’s made for almost any activity. There are a variety of models, some with mechanical movements and some quartz. Seiko 5 Sports watches are great for the beach and swimming and can go from ski to apres-ski. They’re great all-purpose watches.  

Pros: Seiko 5 Sports watches are durable and suitable for nearly all physical activities. They look good enough to wear for work. They’re available with quartz or mechanical movements.  

Con: Seiko 5 Sports watches generally cost more than G-Shock and Swatch watches.  

The Seiko 5 Sports is a fun and versatile ad-on watch.
The Seiko 5 Sports is a fun and versatile ad-on watch.

About the Author

Hyla Bauer

Hyla Bauer's passion for watches was born the first time she traveled to Switzerland for the Basel and Geneva watch shows. For her, a watch is one of the most intimate and precious things a person can wear. They are precious, built to last, and have a personal meaning for their owners.

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