• クロコダイルとアリゲーターの革ベルトはワシントン条約(CITES)によって制限されている為、海外発送の対象外となります。ご注文頂いた場合、お手元にはベルトが無い状態で手配させて頂きます。ご了承下さい。
  • Crocodile and alligator leather belts are restricted by the Washington Convention (CITES) and are not eligible for international shipping.
    In which case we will make arrangements without the belts. Thank you for your understanding.
  • 付属品も一緒に送って頂けますか?
    Can I send accessories together?
    • 箱のサイズによっては配送が出来かねる商品もございます。お問い合わせを頂いたタイミングで、付属品が一緒に送る事が出来るかどうか、改めてご案内させて頂きます。
      Depending on the size of the box, some items may not be shipped together. We will let you know if the accessories can be sent together with the package when we receive your inquiry.
  • 振込手数料はどうなりますか?
    What about bank transfer fees?
    • 振込手数料はお客様負担となります。金額やお使いの金融機関によって金額が異なりますので、詳細はお使いの銀行へお問い合わせ下さい。
      Bank transfer fees are borne by the customer. The amount will vary depending on the amount and your financial institution, so please contact your bank for details.
  • 海外発送の上限金額はありますか?
    Is there a maximum amount for international shipments?
    • 最大でUS$50,000/箱まで対応可能です。配送を希望する国や、為替のレート変動によっては上限金額が変わる場合もありますので予めご了承下さいませ。
      We can ship up to US$50,000/box. Please note that the maximum amount may change depending on the country you wish to ship to and exchange rate fluctuations.
  • 運送保険はどのような内容ですか?
    What kind of shipping insurance is provided?
    • Parcel Proによる保険が適用されます。配送中の荷物の破損、紛失が主な対象となります。
      Parcel Pro insurance is applied. The main coverage is for damage or loss of the package during shipping. 
      Customers shopping overseas are not covered by our original warranty.
      If you wish to use insurance for initial defects, all packing materials used during shipping are required.
      Please note that if you throw away the cardboard, etc., it will not be covered by insurance and you will be responsible for the repair cost.
      Please also note that insurance coverage may not always apply.
      We will not be able to pay for the repair if the fault is not recognized by either MOON PHASE or FedEx.
  • 配送業者はどこですか?
    Who is the shipping carrier?
    • 原則FedExでの発送となります。配送業者は弊社都合にて選定させて頂きますので予めご了承下さいませ。
      We ship via FedEx. Please note that the shipping carrier will be selected at our discretion. 
  • 返品は出来ますか?
    Can I return my order?
    • 商品に不備がありましたら速やかにご連絡下さい。対応をさせて頂きます。
      Please contact to us early when if product has problem.


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